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Comice / Stilton / Ruby Port

This selection was provided by Northwest chef and James Beard Award winner, Caprial Pence.

Comice is a heavenly sweet pear that is custard-like in texture when ripe. It's an especially good dessert pear with full-bodied flavor.

Stilton is a very strong blue cheese with a salty, slightly chalky or grainy texture. This cheese will contrast nicely with the sweet and strong Comice pear flavor.

Ruby Port is a rich wine with ripe berry flavors that partner wonderfully with the sweeter pear. The Port's rich body contrasts with the strong forward texture of the blue cheese.

Comice / Roquefort / Sauternes

Comice pears are smooth and sweet with full flavors.  Roquefort cheese is sharp, rich, musty and has a mellow finish.  The wine is bold and tannic with a rich body and smooth finish.