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Bosc / Aged White Cheddar / Cabernet Sauvignon

This selection was provided by Northwest chef and James Beard Award winner, Caprial Pence.

Bosc is a pear with dense flesh and a nutty, spicy flavor. Earthy and honey-sweet, this "savory" pear is often used in cooking.

Aged White Cheddar cheese has a bold, nutty flavor; a grainy, crystalline texture; and a tangy finish. With its dense flesh and savory flavor, the Bosc can stand up to the intense cheddar. The spicy-sweet pear flavor contrasts nicely with the cheese's tangy finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold wine with assertive fruit that contrasts with the aged cheddar and complements the sturdier flavor of the Bosc.

Bosc / Parmesana Reggiano / Barberesco

The mildly sweet, slightly herbaceous and savory Bosc pear works well with the bold, sharp, nutty and well-developed flavor of the Parmesana Reggiano.  Barberesco is a bold-bronze that has a mild herb nose and is slightly acidic and big-bodied